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Educational Information

It's spring time and eye injuries are on the rise! Parents, did you know..most damage by UV rays occurs BEFORE the age of 18? Please prevent your child from exposure by providing them with proper eyewear. We can help you with that. If your child plays sports, please invest in the correct safety goggles/glasses. We can help!


 Dominant vs. Non-Dominant Eyes

How to determine which is your "dominant" eye vs. non-dominant eye, we can easily perform the Miles test. While performing this, extend both hands straight in front of you, bringing them together with palms facing forward so that you only see a small opening in the shape of a triangle. Choose an object 20 feet away at eye-level to focus on with both eyes open. Then you will bring your hands slowly close to your face paying attention to which is the eye that tends to see the image first and receives input visually to the brain for reception. This is commonly referred to as your dominant "strong" eye. The non-dominant eye is referred to as your "weak" or lazy eye. This is extremely important if you are exercising this with shooting or archery for the best aim possible. Your reliance on your dominant eye is crucial for precise aim. If you see two sights in your sight picture, you indeed have cross-eye dominance and it's easily remedied with either a dot to the non-dominant lens of your glasses, a dab of chapstick on the lens, or we can make an "occlusion" on your lens that is permanent and those glasses are only to be worn for shooting to alleviate double vision.

Eye Exams

"I can see fine, I don't need an exam." This is false. Only an eye exam can determine how well you are or are not seeing. An exam can also detect early health issues that may save your life. Young children often suffer in the class room not ever complaining that they aren't seeing well. Parents, please get your childs eyes examined. This isn't age-specific.